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Help us on our paperless journey!

One of our major goals is to become almost entirely paperless. Help us on our journey!

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Allinotte Law Office has now become Journey Law. We are still transitioning to the new name and brand.

At the same time, we are overhauling most of our technology and systems.

One of our major goals is to become almost entirely paperless. We currently only print a limited number of documents (usually requiring a "wet" signature and reports to clients). A paperless workflow will make us more efficient, and more importantly, it will help us reduce our environmental footprint.

How can you help us? Let us know your email address and whether we can communicate with you exclusively by email, including our accounts and final report. If you would like original documents, confirm which documents and we can give you the originals at your signing meeting, or mail only the originals to you and the rest electronically.

We are working on automating and digitizing most of our client intake and communications. If you still prefer to work "offline", we can do that. If we are collecting information from you, our team can collect that over the phone and put the information right into our software. If you want original documents mailed to you, we can do that too. We just don't want to print documents unnecessarily. I cannot tell you how many times I have clients selling their home who also worked with me when they purchased the home. They bring in their purchase documents in the envelope, still sealed!

We hope you will join us on our paperless journey.


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