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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of law does Journey Law practice?

We offer the following legal services:

Business Law
Estate Planning and Trusts
Estates & Executor Advice
Notary Public
Real Estate
Wills & Powers of Attorney

Does Journey Law have multiple locations?

Currently we have a physical office in Cornwall, Ontario. We provide many of our services remotely to people all over the province (and the world). We will be opening up a satellite office in Ottawa soon, but for the time being we arrange Ottawa appointments by request only. 

What distinguishes Journey Law from other law firms?

Every legal institution claims to stand apart, yet we believe Journey Law truly embodies this distinction. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond standard legal representation— we invest deeply in their needs, providing an unprecedented level of customer service. We are dedicated to clarity and understanding, ensuring our clients are always well-informed about their legal journey. Leveraging technology, we optimize efficiency to deliver unparalleled value in our legal services. Simultaneously, we respect that not everyone prefers a digital approach and thus offer traditional "offline" solutions. Our office space is purposefully designed for ease of access and client comfort, reflecting our mission to cater to all client needs while providing an exceptional legal experience

How can I book a consultation with a Journey Law?

You can call 613-933-7720 to speak to Ellie and make an appointment. You can also text 613-933-7720 or you can book a call or start your intake above.

What is Journey Law's approach to handling matters?

At Journey Law, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to legal services. Our team of lawyers brings a diverse range of experiences to the table, leveraging this collective expertise to provide comprehensive support for our clients' legal matters. We understand the value of inter-disciplinary collaboration and actively work with professionals from other fields to deliver coordinated, holistic advice. Our collaborative methodology underscores our commitment to our clients, ensuring the delivery of superior legal solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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