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I’m Thinking About Selling My Home, What Do I Need to Do?

Cornwall lawyer and real estate lawyer Michele Allinotte tells you what you need to get organized before your sell your home.

There are many things you need to think about when selling your home, but the focus here is on what information you need to gather to help your lawyer (and also your real estate agent) when you are selling your home. It often happens that the information we need has been packed away or lost in the packing/moving process.If you are thinking of selling, you should try to get together the following information:

  • A copy of your Deed and Mortgage (or at least some information about your mortgage – a statement or contact person at the bank);
  • Your final tax  bill from the previous year and any bills from the current year and proof of payment;
  • You water bill, if any;
  • Your heating information – is the property heated with oil, gas, or propane? Information on what company you use, and, if you use propane, information on whether the tank rented, and copies of bills are all helpful;
  • Information and copies of bills for any items that are rented (such as hot water tanks);
  • If you are selling any items with the property (dishwasher, garage door opener, et cetera) find the manuals for them so you can leave them with the new owner;
  • Copies of any surveys or plans you might have for the property, or any building permits if you did major work while you owned the property;
  • Information on your insurance company and what they require to cancel the insurance on the property; and,
  • If you have the file/letter from the lawyer when you bought the property, that can be a great source of information.

While not all that information may be needed, getting it all together is helpful so the information is readily available if your lawyer or real estate agent would need it.

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