Notary Public

Whether you require notarization of affidavits, statutory declarations, or other legal documents, our team of professionals is equipped to provide efficient and reliable service.

While Michele jokes that her Notary stamp “gives her superpowers”, being a Notary is a privilege and a Notary Public has certain authorities.

All of our lawyers are also Notary Publics for the Province of Ontario. An appointment for Notary services is needed.

A Notary can serve as an official witness to the signing of contracts and legal documents. If you are signing a contract or document from another jurisdiction, you may need to sign in front of a Notary.

A Notary can also certify documents to be true copies of an original. This can be helpful when the bank or a government office requires the original. What they actually mean is that the require an original, a notarized copy or a certified true copy. We can prepare those official copies for you to send away.

A Notary is also an oath taker and has authority to administer oaths, declarations and solemn affirmations.

Any Notary services to require us to verify your identity, be physically present when you sign, and view original copies of any documents relating to the Notary services.

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